Tapis User Account

Tapis is a “multi-tenant” web service platform, which means it provides and manages logically-isolated resources. The main source for such isolation is how a user’s identity is confirmed. As a Tapis user, you need to know which tenant you wish to use. For most people, and for the purposes of this documentation, the TACC tenant (tacc.prod) will be the default and correct choice.

Thus, you will need an active TACC account. Go to the TUP and create an account, or, if you have a TACC account already, please confirm that you are able log into https://portal.tacc.utexas.edu with your TACC username and password.


New TACC accounts must be confirmed via an email-based workflow before they are active, so please check your email and follow any validation instructions you find there.

Other Tenants

Documentation on account policy and management for other tenants (and Tapis sites) can be found here.

Site Tenant Credentials Account Page
TACC CyVerse Cyverse username/password https://user.cyverse.org/
TACC DesignSafe TACC username/password https://www.designsafe-ci.org/account/register/
TACC SGCI TACC username/password TBD
TACC TACC TACC username/password https://portal.tacc.utexas.edu/account-request
TACC 3DEM TACC username/password https://3dem.org/help/portal-users-guide/

You may also consult the Tapis platform point of contact for each tenant directly.