Installation Guide

What will be installed

In this guide we will cover how to get AgavePy into your machine. We will cover how to install the latest official release. Also, we will cover how to install the latest from the development branch in case you want to get the latest features and help the TACC team build the most useful and performant software that meets your needs.

What version to install

AgavePy is under constant development. Some features may be missing from oficial releases but in general oficial releases are pushed when the project has reached a stable state.

Latest stable release from PiPy

You can install the latest official releases.

pip install agavepy

For a specific version:

pip install agavepy==0.73

Latest stable release from source

You can also install the latest releases from source, either from the master or from the develop branch.

You will need to first obtain the source code. To get a copy of the AgavePy repository do:

git clone

Once you have cloned the repository, go into it and choose the branch you want to install. If you want to install the development version, you can checkout the develop branch as follows:

git checkout develop

If you have GNU make installed in your system, you can install AgavePy for Python 3 as follows:

make install

To install AgavePy for Python 2,

make install-py2

The Makefile uses the file for all installation related logic.